A walk through Middle Earth || listen here

From the forgotten North to the rolling hills and little rivers of the Shire and the last homely house East of the sea; far over the Misty Mountains cold and the thick foliage of Mirkwood, a lonely mountain and the desolation of a dragon; through the lush grasslands of the Rohirrim, a city in white, its fallen twin and a barren land where the Shadows lie.

Lee Pace and Hugo Weaving in similar roles


keep your friends close and your lord of the rings extended editions closer

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apply cold water to burned area


 #they’re just #so motherfucking adorable #I mean #look at the smile on arwen’s face #and the way she just throws off that conception of elves always having to be coldly beautiful and stoic #she just loves him so much #and he loves her too #the way he looks at her close #like he’s afraid she might fade away#just #perfect couple