A walk through Middle Earth || listen here

From the forgotten North to the rolling hills and little rivers of the Shire and the last homely house East of the sea; far over the Misty Mountains cold and the thick foliage of Mirkwood, a lonely mountain and the desolation of a dragon; through the lush grasslands of the Rohirrim, a city in white, its fallen twin and a barren land where the Shadows lie.

Lee Pace and Hugo Weaving in similar roles


keep your friends close and your lord of the rings extended editions closer

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apply cold water to burned area


 #they’re just #so motherfucking adorable #I mean #look at the smile on arwen’s face #and the way she just throws off that conception of elves always having to be coldly beautiful and stoic #she just loves him so much #and he loves her too #the way he looks at her close #like he’s afraid she might fade away#just #perfect couple


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“Mushrooms have thickened his wit and yellowed his teeth”

“Your love of the halflings’ leaf has clearly slowed your mind”

Saruman is remembered for his treachery and betrayal but never for his strong anti-drugs stance